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The Personality Kid

“The Personality Kid.” Season 3, Episode 6

Since the first two episodes we explored involved a spotlight on Greg and then Marcia, I decided to do one episode involving each kid. Peter’s such a loser, and there were so many episodes showcasing this, but ultimately, I had to go with the classic “pork chops and applesauce” episode.

Sad, sappy music plays in the background as sad-sack Peter walks through the back yard (incidentally, the wrong way) and into the house. He tells Carol and Mike that no one talked to him at a party he had just been to, and one kid told him he was dull and had no personality. At one point Marcia pays off a friend to pretend she is interested in Peter’s description of a movie called “Invasion of the Potato People,” until Cindy ruins it by flapping her mouth about the fakery it in front of poor pitiful Peter. Mike tells Peter he’s sick of his whining (it is boring to listen to after all) and if he isn’t happy with his current persona, then he should develop another one. What kind of advice is that? Peter then watches a lot of old tv and tries to pretend he’s a snooty-wealthy type with a bad accent. No one remembers that one. What we all remember is Peter’s second attempt at being someone else: Humphrey Bogart. And what did the Brady’s have for dinner that night? I don’t even need to tell you. Carol and Mike (or rather Mike, with Carol standing next to him) tell Peter that he isn’t developing a new personality but stealing an old one. Then Peter gets a joke book and decides that telling really lame jokes will send him straight to the top of the social hierarchy. He throws a party at the Brady home, but another boy steals his thunder by jumping on his punch lines. Peter gets all miserable again, but then the girls take pity on him and thusly, Peter learns the old trick of faking a broken heart to gain a girl’s sympathy and attention. Meanwhile, Bobby and Cindy come home from school with plans for a home safety campaign involving fire drills. Hilarity ensues.

I told my son that he can say “pork chops and applesauce” to anyone over the age of 30 and they will know exactly what he is talking about. So far, he only tested this on my hairdresser when I made him do it. She knew.

Revelations of mine:

  • OMG Carol has a shirt repeat! In the last episode we watched (where Marcia gets creamed by the football) Carol had the same shirt on! It’s this one:
  • I didn’t realize how dull and boring this episode was. Perhaps that was by design – creating the mood of dullness so that we can fully appreciate Peter’s dullness? This is art after all.
  • Imagine sending your child to a party and he comes home saying that no one talked to him and one kid called him dull and boring. Wouldn’t you just flip out?
  • Carol Brady doesn’t seem to have much to say. Every time Peter whines to them, Mike lays down the law and Carol just stands there. I guess I never noticed that before. She is even more vapid than I remember. 
  • It boggles the mind that kids used to dress up in suits and dresses for other kids’ parties. I am so glad we as a nation have moved beyond that dark period.
  • Peter was actually a cute little kid.
  • I would very much like to see “Invasion of the Potato People.”

Next Viewing: “The Not-So-Rose Colored Glasses”

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